Natasha Wilson

365 Things – Pick One
January 29, 2009, 15:52
Filed under: 365 Things

one_finger_350oWe live in a day where consumption and reduction should be top of mind. Meeting our basic living needs – transportation, housing, food – has an extreme impact on the health of our planet and our natural resources. Our over consumption of non-necessities is even worse.

Every day, I’m going to take a look at things I can do in my life (and I hope you can do in yours) to;

a) Mitigate the environmental impacts of meeting basic needs
b) Finding a better way to consume non-essential products in a responsible way

I’m a straight-to-the-point person, and like you, I don’t have time to learn about things in a roundabout way. So, I’ll try to keep these posts brief, and pleasing. Afterall, it only takes ONE THING to change our habits, our impacts and our feelings about the way we move forward in this world.


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Great idea. Its the little things that start the ball rolling and make a world of difference. Looking forward to reading them.

Comment by Grant

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